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Prompt Post 1 (open)


Please read the rules before commenting.

  • Be respectful. Don't shame other people for their kinks. If someone posts a pairing that you disagree with, don't fight them about it. Ship and let ship.
  • Comment anonymously if you wish. Anon commenting is enabled.
  • Only ONE prompt per comment. If you have another idea, make another comment.
  • Use the subject lines. It would help if you put the ship first (if that applies), then the kink or a short description of what you're asking for. ie, "Luka/Miku: mutual masturbation"
  • There can be more than one fill for each prompt, especially if the original poster (OP) is open to more than one pairing. If more than one person is interested in writing for a prompt, that's totally welcome. The more the merrier.
  • Seconding is not necessarily discouraged (just don't let it get out of hand), but if you are seconding, please don't add additional details to the OP's request. If you want to see the same prompt done differently or with another pair, make another prompt. Be respectful of what the OP asks for.
  • Please avoid asking for many things unless you also intend to fill prompts. Not everyone can write, but that doesn't give anyone the right to ask for twenty things at a time. Try to contribute if you can.
  • If you are filling a prompt, reply directly to the comment it relates to and title your work in the subject line so that others know there's a fill there once comments collapse.
  • Art fills are OK, but it is recommended that you post your work as a link rather than as an embedded image.
  • I don't care if you "claim" a prompt, but you better fill it or I'm going to send Tei and Mayu after you.
  • Utauloids are welcome here. Bear in mind, however, that there may not be many people who will know which Utauloids you're talking about if you make a prompt for ones who haven't received much exposure.
  • HOWEVER, please avoid making prompts with characters that others will be unfamiliar with, such as fanmade Vocaloids. Ones that most people know, such as Dell, Kiku, Neru, and Haku, are acceptable.
  • "Master" is fine, but prompts pairing specific producers and utaite aren't welcome here. If there's a desire for a kink meme involving the real people involved with Vocaloid, I can make a new post for that specifically, but, for now, this is not the place for that.

  • If you need me to slap somebody or delete a comment for you, just leave a comment or message me. I'LL BE WATCHING.

    Happy kinking!